“Renouncing the three-dimensional aspect in modern painting, caused the escape from bi-dimensionality and break into the real space. As a consequence, is it that the issue of spatiality is no longer put in relation to painting, or is this just a threshold beyond which another possibility of understanding of space opens up to us?” Liliana Mercioiu

Liliana Mercioiu Popa’s artistic activity reflects a divergent, experimental vision, in which the freedom of transposing ideas through various media such as installations, objects or photography, does not dismiss the traditional ones, such as drawing and painting. In their turn, they become fields of investigation and the material support for obsessive questions. 

The project presented at Galateca is a complex installation in which she continues her research in the field of spatial representation, with its multidimensions and geometries. Thus, the space of the gallery becomes a medium for self-defining in relation to art and the world, also searching for connections among the multiple faces of this existence in order to find evidence of the world being a coherent structure.


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