5 o’clock tea@GALATECA


Image-58The 5 o’clock tea has its origins in the nineteenth century Great Britain. It was then that Anna Maria Stanhope, Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria’s favorites, asked for some tea and a snack in the late afternoon because dinner time was only after 8 pm. She began inviting friends to join her so that little by little this became a true tradition that is still respected today. Initially people savored cucumber sandwiches and various types of cake but nowadays afternoon tea is likely to be just a biscuit or a muffin and a mug of the favorite tea.\r\n\r\nGALATECA also wants to create traditions, so please join us on Friday, April 12th, at 5 o\’clock to enjoy some good conversation with special guests, cookies, cake and tea in a vintage atmosphere. This event is part of The Rest is Yesterday, the last in our series of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary fashion and fashion design from the 1600 until today.


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